Big Win Of Just Over £52,500 For Essex Couple Against Timeshare Resort, With Help From M1 Legal

Big Win Of Just Over £52,500 For Essex Couple Against Timeshare Resort, With Help From M1 Legal

One British couple were awarded little over £52,500 in compensation in July against a timeshare resort in just one of many big wins for M1 Legal.

Multiple big wins

Timeshare claimants have enjoyed a fantastic month of wins, with some being awarded significant amounts in their fight against timeshare companies.

M1 Legal, specialising in timeshare, were elated to win all of the 31 cases that were heard in July 2022.

Wins of over £440,000

The claimants achieved over £440,000 in compensation awards after being sold timeshares in Spain which are now illegal.

Huge wins

The biggest victory was enjoyed by a couple from Essex who were awarded £52,236 from Club La Costa (CLC). Another couple from Leicester were also delighted to win £43,609.

Time to pay up

Timeshare resorts are being ordered to pay compensation after issuing illegal contracts in Spain over the past two decades.

They were aware that if they followed the law, they would miss out on profits. So, when the laws were enacted, they chose to ignore them and carry on.

Many timeshare owner victims are entitled to compensation and are now seeing huge wins in the Spanish courts.


Many top resorts thought they would be able to get away with it, believing that their customers lack of patience and knowledge would hinder them putting up a real challenge.

But they mis-judged them.

Here at M1 Legal, we have been assisting timeshare victims since 2016, and now judges are ordering the timeshare companies to pay up.

In fact, M1 Legal has a success rate of 98.6% of its compensation cases for timeshare clients.


The head of M1 Legal, Fernando Sansegundo, says that July was "fairly typical in that the biggest successes were against CLC World, Diamond Resorts Europe, and Anfi."

He goes on to say that "these three resorts, while by no means the only culprits, have been prolific in the amount of illegal business they have written since 1999".

According to Sansegundo, "since the beginning of July we have won over £287,000 in compensation awards against CLC World. We have also won more than £69,200 against Anfi, and £44,644 against Diamond Resorts Europe. DRE have not even been trading in Europe for several years. They were bought out by Hilton a couple of years ago, and they are still paying the price for their previous contempt for both their customers and the law.

Sansegundo is very happy for the Essex couple. "Andrew and Connie have been rewarded for their courage in challenging their resort's behaviour. M1 Legal have not only achieved their £52,236 compensation award but will almost certainly secure the couple simple interest and legal fees too."

Running out of patience

The Spanish courts "have run out of patience," Sansegundo says. "Europe's biggest resorts are being ordered to pay compensation on an unprecedented scale. The financial drain is forcing most of them to close down."

Who can make a claim?

People who bought a timeshare after 1999 may be due compensation. If you are in this situation, your first point of call would be to speak European Consumer Claims (ECC). This is Europe's leading timeshare claims firm who we work with. Their role is to filter out cases to find the strongest, leading to a success rate of almost 100%.

If you would like a free consultation to find out more about your options, contact ECC today.