About Us

At M1 Legal, we are driven to help consumers who have been coerced into buying timeshare properties abroad by unethical techniques and who are now suffering the long-term consequences for their purchase.

Our expert team of international lawyers and legal assistants ensures that we are at the forefront of timeshare legislation knowledge. Our main priority is to recover the losses that our clients have incurred and release them from a binding commitment to their contract where other avenues have proved unsuccessful.

Our services include providing advice and instructing solicitors and counsel on behalf of our clients, with a view to exit the client from their contract and recover any money spent where misrepresentation in selling has occurred.

Our aim is to deliver the best possible results for our clients within a reasonable timeframe and with as little disruption to the client as possible.


Upon contracting our services, we provide you with full legal representation, managed by our team of in-house lawyers and fully experienced legal executives.

Our legal team has an in-depth transnational knowledge of timeshare legislation and continues to enjoy success with claims against major timeshare resorts. They undertake and coordinate all aspects of the claims process.

Once you contract our services, you will be asked to sign a POA (Power of Attorney), thus giving us the authority to deal with the timeshare resort on your behalf. We can then take over handling any future correspondence between you and the resort, thereby relieving you of the stress that goes with dealing with the threats and demands of your resort.

We are also more aware of the strategies that resorts will use against you and have the legal experience to know how to negate them.


  • An experienced team of lawyers and legal executives
  • A dedicated team of case handlers
  • Assistance with procuring your POA
  • Translation services
  • Logistics – Arrangement of couriers between our offices and the courts or notaries
  • Arrangement of appointments for you to attend a notary
  • Handling of all future correspondence between you and the resort
  • Costs being occurred by ourselves in respect to court fees, fees for any translation, couriers, legal documents required and any costs related to the unlikely event of losing a court case
  • Protection under our legal umbrella
  • A clear and concise exit strategy through either a claim or contract cancellation