Real Lawyers, Real Victories, Real Results

Real Lawyers, Real Victories, Real Results

There are fake companies pretending to offer help to timeshare victims

TIMESHARE claims are becoming a trickier business.

Because of the HUGE volume of claims victories going through the Spanish courts, the timeshare resorts themselves are using manipulative strategies to discredit the 'good guys' - those companies committed to helping owners get out of contracts that were mis-sold to them.

Many despairing consumers turn to the internet to help them find solutions only to be bombarded with statements, websites and articles giving false information.

There are also influential so-called 'help' websites out there purporting to aid consumers in sorting the good guys from the bad. However, looking into the deep background of such websites reveals quite a different story. One such example is, not only is it funded by the timeshare industry, it blocks reports of wrongdoings committed by the resorts and targets companies representing consumers who are claiming retribution and the annulment of their timeshare contract. One of the largest under threat is European Consumer Claims (ECC) who have referred nearly 2,000 claimants to lawyers in Spain and the UK.

Is it any wonder that consumers do not know who to trust anymore?


M1 Legal were mentioned in a story in The Times earlier this year for instigating a case for mis-selling. The article highlighted the problems experienced by clients of M1 legal and also mentioned that the football stars Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs had a commercial interest in this particular resort. You can see a full copy of the article here


  • Club La Costa €26,050 Awarded
  • Club la Costa £56,259 Awarded
  • Parque Albatros £16,490 Awarded
  • Onagroup €78,150 Awarded


  • 2019 January to May - 60 victories totalling £826,847
  • 647 cases in the courts
  • 288 cases being prepared

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