Helping consumers process compensation claims
for mis-sold and illegal TIMESHARE & HOLIDAY
ownership contracts

M1 LEGAL provides legal services to support European consumers who have been subject to misrepresentation, mis-selling and subsequent breach of contract in relation to holiday ownership products and services sold transnationally. These include fixed week timeshares; floating week timeshares; points based timeshare products; holiday clubs and fractional ownerships.


Claims include actions against resorts, marketing companies, management companies, exchange organisations, trustees, finance and lending companies. Often refund payment demands are directed to credit card and finance companies that sometimes can be legally liable to effect a full refund in the first instance.

We would like to thank you for the relinquishing of our membership with Diamond Resorts and resolving this matter on our behalf. As we were kept informed during the process, we know that the legal department have put a lot of effort into dealing with our case and have succeeded to surrender our membership. We are so very relieved to know that we will no longer be put through any further stress and anxiety - all of which has taken a great toll on our lives and our health.
Yours sincerely
Mr & Mrs Townsend


Spanish Court Claims

On March 16th, 2015, a ruling set by the Spanish Supreme Court came into effect following the European Directive (implemented in Spain by Real Decreto – ley 8/2012). These regulations actually regulate timeshare, long-term holiday products, resale and exchange products and have set a precedent that has brought about big changes to the timeshare industry.

Finance Claims

Finance claims are submitted to the lender where credit has been used to purchase the timeshare.  This could be credit in the form of a deposit, part or complete payment made by credit card or a loan that was linked to the purchase of a timeshare.  The timeframe to process a finance claim is much shorter than with a court claim and can usually be resolved within 4 to 8 months.

Contract Relinquishments

Entering into a timeshare agreement is easy, unfortunately trying to exit one is not so straightforward. When buying a timeshare for many thousands of pounds, questioning your rights to cancel is not always at the forefront of your thoughts. Many find resorts not willing to assist and the process onerous, and for those that require assistance we offer services to legally relinquish these contracts.

Our Team

At the heart of M1LEGAL is a team of passionate lawyers and legal professionals who specialise in timeshare contract law. As well as a core of Spanish lawyers our team is made up of international qualified lawyers and paralegals who between them speak 7 languages.

Our Company

We are proud of the open and transparent way in which we deal with our clients and the resorts that they are in dispute with. Our main priority is to recover the losses that our clients have incurred.