Southampton Couple Awarded €365,000

Published 20th January 2019

“We have had timeshare weeks with La Pinta Beach Club for over 10 years and every year we went there, we were approached by the resales department, pressuring us to buy additional timeshares which they promised to sell at a profit. They put so much pressure on us each time to make us part with our money, that we felt quite exhausted and gave in. As a result we lost most of our savings, having to remortgage our house and take out a bank loan. In the end we had lost a considerable amount of money.

We didn’t know where to turn when we found M1legal. At last we had found a company which dealt with us in an understanding and professional way. It took some time, but finally our case went to court in Tenerife and a few months later we were told we have won our case. We can’t thank M1legal enough for their efforts. They have been brilliant throughout, We are so delighted and will recommend anyone who has lost money as a result of timeshare scams to get in touch with M1legal.”

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Maintenance bill for over €12,000 quashed

Published 27th February 2019

"Cala Pi started a claim against us for unpaid maintenance fees, it ended up around 12,000 euros. It took some time but we expected that being a court case in Spain. M1 legal were totally behind us in defending us against one of these money grabbing timeshare companies. M1 went to court on behalf of us and our 2 contracts were quashed. We always pay our bills so having a company demand a substantial amount from us was extremely stressful. We cannot thank M1 Legal enough that this is now over and we can move on with our lives without this hanging over us."

Mr & Mrs Gough from Derby.

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