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Jaime Román González Carmona


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Santiago Porras Caballero

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Raquel Castillo

Legal Assistant

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Claims Manager

Henrietta Whitney

Assistant Claims Manager

Our legal claims


In the event that a claim at the Spanish Courts is not viable, the case will be forwarded to our international collaborating lawyers, bearing in mind that when the Resort is based in Spain, the jurisdiction pertains to the Spanish Courts.


If a timeshare product was acquired in a Resort based in Portugal, our collaborating Portuguese lawyers will instigate a relinquishment. The solution provided is the termination of the contract as the Portuguese Courts have not declared these types of contracts null and void as opposed to the Spanish Court Rulings.


In the event that the timeshare product was purchased in a Resort based in Dominican Republic, Mexico or United States of America, we will negotiate the termination of the contract in order to end all contractual obligations linked to that purchase.